Rental FAQs

What are your age requirements?
You must be at least 21 years of age and 25 years of age to rent exotic and prestiege cars.
What level of service can I expect from BHCR?
We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible as well as the finest vehicles available. This includes full sanitization following CDC guidelines ahead of any rentals. Once sanitized, vehicles are sealed until our clients are ready to enjoy them. Complimentary local delivery and pickup to your home or office can be arranged as well as out of area delivery and pickup for a fee. If we can help make your time in our vehicle any more special, by helping with flowers, restaurant reservations, event tickets, chauffeur service, or any other way, we would be happy to help.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Major Credit Cards to secure rental though we accept credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers as payment.
Are deposits required?
A deposit is required to rent a vehicle. This is typically through a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). The deposit amount varies depending on the type of vehicle requested and the expected duration of the rental. A customer service representative would be happy to provide detailed information.
What vehicles does BHCR offer?
HOT Wheels LUX Car Rental is proud to offer the world’s finest fleet of automobiles. We specialize in luxury and exotic vehicles but also offer standard cars, large passenger vans, and minivans. Please visit our vehicles page to explore options that include the latest from Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and more.
What accessories are available to renters?
Child and booster seats are available upon request. Most of HWLCR vehicles are equipped with factory navigation and our concierge service would be more than willing to make sure you’re able to find your way around town.
Does HOT Wheels LUX offer rental specials on vehicles?
Long term rentals and short-term leases are available. Perhaps you are visiting our beautiful city for an extended period, are a student spending a semester in Orlando, Florida or would like a truly comprehensive test drive of a vehicle you might be considering to purchase. Either way a representative would be happy to explore your options with you. Additionally, be sure to frequently checkout our website and social media accounts for holiday special offers.
Where do I return my vehicle?
Vehicles can be returned to our retail locations during business hours. Pickup of vehicles, like delivery, is also available as well.
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